Welcome to ASESA


Active Service Excellence South Africa (ASESA) has been operating as a toll free hotline service provider since 1999. The hotline is designed to gather valuable intelligence, concerning service related deviations that impact negatively on business operations and ultimately on profits.

Service related deviations include poor customer service; theft and fraud; harassment within the workplace; and any other unethical activity impacting negatively on proper business functioning.


It is important to note that a hotline service should not interfere with the line management function of any operation. It should serve to supplement line management where breakdowns occur outside the normal operating procedures. 


As our name states, it is our mission to actively promote service excellence in South Africa. Individuals searching for employment; business owners; the staff they employ; and customers or clients they serve; will all benefit from what ASESA has to offer.



Give the Silent Majority a

safe voice to do the right thing!