Reporting an incidentSay No To Bad Service


Step One:       


Call the toll free number


Step Two:       


Give the required detail:


  • What is it that you are concerned about?

  • Where did it happen and how did it come about?

  • Who was/is involved and why are you concerned?

  • Try to recall places, dates and times as accurately as possible.

  • Listen to the operator and try to answer the questions as fully as possible.  It does not help to become angry with or shout at the operator, who is there trying to assist you.

  • Record the reference number the operator gives you and use this as a reference for any future calls. 

          It is the only way we can retrieve your file.


Step Three:    


Make sure the operator understands your concerns fully and that you are satisfied the correct information will be passed on.  If you are not certain, go through the details again Ė it costs you nothing but your time and it is vital to ensure the desired result is achieved.


Callerís safety:


If you are concerned for your safety in any way and wish to remain anonymous, do not divulge any detail about yourself that could lead to you being identified. 

If you do not tell us who you are we cannot tell anyone who you are.  Itís your best protection.

Above all else do not reveal to anyone that you have made the call.  Itís your secret.




If you require feedback, inform the operator and we will convey the request to the client. 

Feedback can only be given if the client provides it and allows us to divulge it on the reference number and verified profile.  We do not give feedback without the correct reference number.