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Taking information from where it is, to where it needs to be

The Protected Disclosures Act (or Whistle-Blowing Act), No 26 of 2000, was enacted in South Africa in 2001. According to the preamble of the Act:

 Every employee has a responsibility to disclose criminal and any other irregular conduct in the workplace;
 Every employer has a responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure that employees who disclose

    such information are protected from any reprisals as a result of such disclosures.

The above legislature makes it imperative that all businesses have an anonymous reporting mechanism such as a hotline in place. As the pioneers who first brought fraud and ethics hotline services to the South African market, the ASESA team has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer our clients. Having tried and tested many different recipes, we know what works; what doesn’t; what’s important; and what’s not.

Armed with this knowledge, we have restructured our hotline service to offer you a more cost effective and highly efficient product. We have done away with many features associated with traditional hotline services; as they cost a fortune and in our experience do not add any real value.

Our new and innovative pricing structure is highly competitive, providing you with a professional service, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs.